PCC School Age Program

The School Age program encourages each child to develop their curiosity by providing materials and experiences that are open ended to promote “inquiry” and “Provocation”.  They begin to build partnerships within the community.  Using several teaching/learning strategies, our staff facilitate several activities that help the child to develop respect for self and others. The homework club teaches children the importance of good study habits. Some activities and experiences include games, puzzles, blocks, painting, books, instruments, science, cooking, sports, field trips and more.

Eligibility: * Any child under 6 years old; and turns six years old between January 1 and June 30 in that calendar year

Before After Before and After Full Day
 $12.00  $12.00  $14.65  $21.74

Children aged 6 to 12 who are not eligible under the CWELCC the following rates apply:

$17.50 for before or after care
$31.00 for before and after care
$46.00 for full day rate